Philippi 3130-F11B-K7T1-W29AG3-10A

27.14 $ KDV Dahil

Single pole DC single pole rocker switch/thermal circuit breaker of compact design for snap-in panel mounting. Black with silver frame.

Cut out dimensions:     14,8 x 34,2 mm
Width:     18 mm
Rated voltage:     DC 30 V
Current ratings:     6…30 A

(30 A: width like double pole version, cut out dimensions 26,3 x 34,2 mm, Width 29,3mm)

3130-F11B-H7T1-W29AG3-6A Order-no.: 131302006

3130-F11B-H7T1-W29AG3-10A Order-no.: 131302010

3130-F11B-H7T1-W29AG3-16A Order-no.: 131302016

3130-F11B-H7T1-W29AG3-20A Order-no.: 131302020

3130-F11B-H7T1-W29AG3-30A Order-no.: 131302030