Philippi BCM G 24V

410.64 $ KDV Dahil


The BCM 1 G-12/G-24 can be used to control an external genset to assure an operational readyness of the battery system by an integrated relay with potential free contacts. The relay activation/deactivation capacity threshold is freely configurable. When the battery is recognised as empty the genset will be activated.

Due to the built-in watch the operation time of the genset can be defined. This avoids e.g. an unwished starting of the genset at night. In addition there is a switch inlet for the start enabling of the genset for instance to avoid starting while shore power is available.



Dimensions: W 105 x L 105 x D 70 mm

Installation cutout: 88 x 88 mm


BCM 1 G-12 Order-no.: 070001112

BCM 1 G-24 Order-no.: 070001124