Walker Airbox Drain Kit for Detroit Diesel (DDC) Engines -Part# AJ4120-KT

259.31 $ KDV Dahil

Take YOUR diesel engine to the next level with this Air Box Drain Kit designed for Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engines.

This easy to clean drain kit includes all the parts required to manage the oil and sludge emitted from all DDC 2 cycle engines both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines.

The kit includes a easy mount collection canister, hoses, DDC pressure calibrated check-valves, and installation hardware.

The system is a “must have” for engines where blowerbox drain lines empty on to the ground or bilge areas on vessels.

Additionally it is an ideal upgrade to factory engines which have the blower drain lines connected back to the crankcase. When check-valves clog or perform outside of specification, the risk of pressurizing your engine’s crankcase is raised dramatically.

The Walker Airbox Drain connects directly to the blower drain lines reducing the possibility of a stuck checkvalve causing the crankcase to pressurize.

Available in standard, and “Outdoor Duty” configurations (see AJ6120-KT).

Designed for Marine, Industrial, or Genset applications.

Kit contains Airbox unit,hoses, fittings and DDC check-valves. See graphic diagram for schematic.

Walker Part# AJ4120-KT

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